Excellent result at VCAT last week.

Last Friday I spent my afternoon assisting and supporting a client, J, at her VCAT hearing.

J’s sister, K, had applied to the VCAT Guardianship List for an administrator to manage J’s affairs. Not only would this have meant that J was rendered legally incapable of entering into any kind of contract or agreement, from new mobile phone plan to leasing a home or changing electricity provider,  it was also going to cost J a lot of money in Administrator’s fees and commission.

I met with J on Friday morning to talk her through her options and find out what she hoped to achieve from the hearing. That afternoon I went to VCAT with her to help her keep track of the topics being discussed, and to ensure she understood and was comfortable with what was going on.

J was able express her point of view on the matter, express her wishes and her concerns to the Tribunal Member , and then negotiate with K to achieve an excellent outcome that saves J over $20,000.

Learn more about my coaching packages over on the Services & Fees page, or contact me to discuss your upcoming hearing or mediation.


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